Peak District

Winster has been a source of lead ore for many centuries but the village as we know it started to take shape in the 15th century. The Market House on the Main Street was built in the 16th century with the upper floor being added in the 18th century. It was the first building in Derbyshire to be owned by the National Trust when it was given in 1906.

By the mid 18th century, Winster was one of the largest towns in Derbyshire with a population of 2000 who worked mainly in the 20 or so lead mines. It was also on the Newhaven to Nottingham turnpike which established it as a local centre for shopping and hospitality. With no immediately available supply of water the residents and visitors quenched their thirst in the 24 public houses, inns, hotels and brewhouses, now reduced to two.

The village is designated a Conservation Area within the National Park and has 70 listed buildings. Most of the old houses have now been restored to their former glory and provide an ideal backdrop to the many celebrations throughout the calendar – Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races, Morris Dancing, Wakes Week and Carnival at the end of June and the Guisers at Christmas. To this is added the Winster Secret Gardens weekend in mid-July.

It is a friendly and welcoming place to discover and enjoy – find out more.